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Never underestimate the little guy.

Posted in Daily Junk on May 28, 2010 by deadbeathero

I have no faith in the system. When it comes down to it, you have to take care of yourself. I am learning the hard way.

Back on April 8 I was rear-ended while on the job. The lady that hit me must have been going 45-50 mph and didn’t even see me sitting at the red light. I was pretty shook up and hit my head pretty good. The lady went to the hospital in the ambulance, I don’t know what happened to her. I was asked if I wanted to go to the hospital but, at the time, I felt that I might be ok. My main concern was if I had dont and real damage to my brain muscle. But, I could wiggle my fingers and toes, I knew what day it was and who the president is so the paramedic shoved me off.

I had some soreness in my neck later that night so I went to the company doctor the next day. They X-rayed me and all that jazz, then they released me to return to duty that following Monday. Weekend went, my neck go a little worse, so I saw the doctor again. Again I was released to work… Two days go by and my neck is killing me, and my back decided to join in on the pain party. SO, Doctor…doctor…doctor. Short story shorter, I have not been back to work since April 9th.

The doctor put me on one restriction, No Driving. immediately after that, my work offers me a “Temporary work assignment”. basically a desk job till I get well enough to drive again. AH HA! You see, I can drive, not to work, not to the store, not to my therapy appointment I have 3 times a week, I CAN’T DRIVE. Not to mention I was in a considerable amount of pain at the time and the medication they put me on made me want to go beddy bye. So I followed the doctors orders and stayed home to get better. 

Weeks go by… I hear nothing, all this time not getting paid for my time off. So I call around, “shake some trees.” as my good friend Henry says. Then I get in touch with my works insurance carrier, the company responsable for my workman’s compensation. It would seem that they had no idea I was not working, Twat you say? Two days later, I get a letter in the mail. It said that I was denied my workman’s comp because I declined what they called, “a modified work offer.” Shit. Must be some misunderstanding, you see, I could not work. It’s not that I didn’t want to work, I couldn’t work. “I can fix this.” I thought, “Just a misunderstanding.”

Fuck your misunderstanding! We know you can’t drive, we know your were in pain, but go fuck yourself! Shit. So thats where I’m at. I get my MRI results tomorrow and hopefully I get released to go back to work, but as of today, 35 working days after my accident, I have not gotten paid a cent. On top of that, my personal insurance, which covers me and my wife, is canceled because I have not been working. So, if my wife come down with a bad case of “pipe thru the skull.” guess what, I can’t save her. It just doesn’t seem right to me. I got injured ON THE JOB. I work for a good company, I am a good employee. No one wants to take responsibility for me. No one sat me down and told me that I had to do this, or not do that, or expect this, blah, blah, blah. It’s just a big disappointment. Now I worry about the future, my future with this company or any company. When I am 134 years old and decide, “hey, I think I am going to retire now.” will I be covered? Does 401k even fucking matter when the people who handle your hard-earned cash don’t want to give it to you without a fight? Are we all doomed to sell our lives to company’s that really don’t give a fuck about us?

Fuck that!  I vow tonight, that I will get out of  this shit some how. Fuck 401k retirement, fuck injury free workplaces, fuck casual friday, fuck health care! (wait, health care might actually be nice. ty) I need to get out there and produce something people want and enjoy producing it. Cheers to all of you out there that are making a living doing what you love, without answering to anyone. (except Tio Sam of course.) All these big company’s out there will try to make you feel like you need them, like they have some good shit to offer you. Then when you work for them they will make you feel like you owe them everything you have. Then when really need something from them, they are just going to laugh rub shit in you eye sockets. They might even piss on your family for good measure. Get out while you can. I will update you guys on whats going on. Thanks for reading my rant…