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Sketch 5/27

Posted in Art on May 28, 2010 by deadbeathero

I tend to sketch some pretty decent stuff when I am on hold forever. Yesterday I was on the phone most of the day and 85% of the time I was on hold. I like this sketch. I don’t have a name for it yet but I may adapt it to a painting.


Old Sketch

Posted in Art on February 16, 2010 by deadbeathero

Here is an old sketch I did in 2006. I also did a painting of this sketch for Artslam.

Welcome to my new blog!

Posted in Art on February 15, 2010 by deadbeathero

Hey everyone!

Thanks for checking out my new blog. Here I update new stuff I am working on or upcoming shows.

For my first post I thought I would put up my “Back to the Future” piece I made for the Cult Classics Artslam.

Colab: Deadbeat Hero and Resig